CTR has confirmed with the state that there are no changes to the requirements for wearing a face mask or cloth face covering when entering a property for a business purpose such as a real estate showing or an open house.  It remains required along with observing distancing standards when you are inside the property.  However, it also remains applicable that if an individual has a medical condition where his/her/their health or safety is threatened by a face covering, if under the age of 2 or if it’s an older child where there is not an ability to safely secure a mask, there is an exemption to the rule. You may not require medical documentation verifying the medical condition.

CTR has created posters for agents or home owners to use reminding all licensees and clients of Connecticut’s face mask and cloth face covering requirement.  Connecticut’s rules are to protect us all from the further spread of the virus.

Links to the posters below:

Mandatory Masks: Signs/Small Posters for Posting at Open Houses