The Enjoy Life Fund was established by a group of close friends of longtime REALTOR Ed Della Valle to commemorate his spirit and philosophy of life. The Fund is designed to assist full-time Realtors in the Greater New Haven Area  who are faced with large expenses, personally and/or for immediate family members, resulting from a health crisis. Such expenses may include medical, dental, hospitalization, rehabilitation, transportation, insurance co-payments, and other healthcare related items.

Applications for support should be in the form of a concise letter noting circumstances together with a list of expenses incurred. The letter should  be submitted by the individual (Realtor) or their care-giver. A request for  a specific dollar amount should be included with information regarding what medical expenses the money will be used to offset.

Letters of application must be postmarked no later than August 1st and sent to:
 Susan Tolisano, c/o Press Cuozzo Realtors
 2751 Dixwell Avenue, Suite #2
 Hamden, CT 06518