Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certification

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This comprehensive program teaches the foundations needed to provide commercial & investment real estate brokerage services. Successful completion of 22.5 hours of instruction comprised of three 7.5 hour courses, is required for certification. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion and join over a 1,600 professionals who are recognized as “Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certified” (CIREC) agents.

Dates: September 28, 30, October 2, 5, 7 & 9, 2020 Time: 9 a.m. — 12:45 p.m.

Instructor: Edward S. Smith Jr., CREI, ITI, CIC, GREEN, MICP, CNE

Cost: $229 – Register by Aug. 14 ($249 Non-Member)

$249 – Register by Sept. 11 ($269 Non-Member)

$269 – Register by Sept. 24 ($289 Non-Member)

You Will Learn:

 What buyers and tenants expect you to know about various property types

 How to do Financial Analysis and how investors compare opportunities

 The tax ramifications of selling property and the benefit of 1031 exchanges

 All about commercial leases, Requests for Proposal, Letters of Intent

 Tenant and Buyer Representation

 Discrimination issues and laws, Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act

 Green concepts and rating systems

 To understand personalities and generational traits

 Negotiating concepts and tactics

 How to build your Commercial Brokerage Business

Overview of each section:

CIREC 101- Working with Office, Retail and Industrial Buildings, Leases and Green Concepts

Course Description: Commercial buildings are unique and require understandings of how different types are measured and priced. A significant amount of commercial business is leasing properties. Today there is a tremendous concern on environmental issues and a renewed focus on Green buildings.

• How to classify and list office space

• Differences between Net Usable and Rentable square footage

• The real cost of space

• Leasing development, terms and issues

• Types of leases

• Retail Properties Characteristics

• Industrial Properties Features

• Environmental Issues

• Working with other Brokers

• What “Green” is all about

• How the LEED Rating Systems works

• The economic impact of green on commercial buildings

CIREC 102 –Working with Investment Properties: Financial Analysis, Taxes and Exchanges; Discrimination issues in Commercial Real Estate Selling investment real estate requires knowledge of investment terms, the ability to do a financial analysis and an understanding of available financing. How are Income and Capital Gaines Taxes calculated? Learn about 1031 tax deferred exchanges. How do discrimination issues apply to commercial properties? What do you need to know about the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Law? Learn about multicultural clients and customers and how to avoid inadvertent discrimination. Course will cover:

• How to do a financial analysis

• What today’s financing issues are

• How investors compare investment properties

• Tax ramifications of selling property

• The benefits of 1031 Exchanges

• Americans with Disabilities Laws

• Discrimination Laws

• About Multicultural Clients and Customers

• The dangers of Inadvertent Discrimination

CIREC 103 – Land and Site Development, Tenant and Buyer Representation, Working with People, Agency Requirements, Negotiations and Building your Commercial Business Selling land requires knowledge of zoning, economics and being able to develop a site plan. Commercial agency requirements will be reviewed. People have different personalities which affect the way they evaluate opportunities and do their work. Today there are five different generations, each of whom communicates and make decisions differently. Working with people eventually leads to negotiations. Getting started by properly building your commercial real estate practice is essential. Course will cover:

• What you need to know about selling land

• Agency Disclosures

• Tenant and Buyer Representation

• Understand Generational Traits and Buying Patterns

• About your personality and your clients

• Negotiations Concepts, Tactics and Tips

• Business Building Concepts

• Commercial Listing Presentation Development

• Foundations of your Business

• A Business Plan – How to Prospect