How our Affiliates Are Doing Business

NHMR asked some of our Affiliate Members how they adjusted their businesses while maintaining social distancing. Read below to see how they are staying safe while doing business! Visit this page often as we add more Affiliate responses.

Kelly McGuinness, PrimeLending

Kelly McGuinness,


Office: 203-951-4170

Cell: 203-627-2916

How have you changed the way you are conducting business?

We have had the technology to operate all employees from home and have been on the cutting edge of e-closings! We mandated e-closings at the very beginning of March. We had been using the program for a year! I know agents, customers and attorneys were thankful we could provide this important option during the shutdown. We email the closing package to the client in plenty of time for them to review and have any questions answered by their attorney, agent or me. There are 4-5 forms that need wet signatures. So the actual face-to-face time with each other has been reduced to several minutes.
There is a lot of talk about remote notarizations which would make closings 100% online. While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accept these; HUD (government loans) does not but more importantly, servicers who buy the servicing rights from lenders do not accept them. Until servicers decide, or are required by law, to accept them, as an industry, we won’t be able to provide 100% e-closings.

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful?
We have been using Zoom, WebEx and Facetime to conduct personal meetings. It is so great to see everyone after so much time apart!

Have you created any new or special offers or programs? We were able to immediately implement alternatives to appraisal inspections. Appraisers have the ability to do desk appraisals and drive by appraisals depending on the loan program. It is also important to know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are issuing appraisal waivers more and more! In these cases, we do not require any appraisal! Clients love saving the cost and agents are excited to not have to contend with appraised value or property condition concerns. They are awesome and we are using them on 40% of our applications!

Anything else you would like NHMR Members to know? We have continued to deliver expedient service to our borrowers and agents. In April, we will be closing many loans ahead of the contract dates! We welcome the opportunity to do more with YOU! We miss seeing you in person and can’t wait to see y’all soon!!!!

Eagle Home Inspections

Eagle Home Inspections

Ron Rivard
(203) 640-2053

Mary Ellen Graham
(203) 376-2367

How have you changed the way you are conducting business?
First and foremost, safety for all involved is always the priority. We have instituted very strict safety guidelines for inspection attendance. When a potential client calls us, we explain those guidelines prior to confirming the inspection. We always handle situations in a friendly manner, but due to the seriousness of this health crisis, we are strict about the current safety guidelines and will not conduct the inspection if there is non-compliance.
Prior to COVID-19, we would sign paperwork and accept payment on-site at the inspection. Now, we are emailing all of our documents and requesting return via same. Payments are also being handled remotely via mailing checks or paying by credit card. We are spending more time on the phone to review inspection findings.

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful ?
We are in the process of selecting and transitioning to an online document signing protocol.

Have you created any new or special offers or programs?

We are actively promoting our Homes for Heroes discount available to all professional healthcare workers and first responders.
Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?We are open for business and still inspecting 7 days a week. We are ready, willing and able to provide excellent quality inspection services within our safety guideline protocol. Our prices have not increased or been inflated during this health crisis. We continue to be as available as possible via phone and email to our clients and their agents. Newsflash: We are actively producing a fun and informative video series to be released soon, so stay tuned!!!

Dustin Maurice, Green Home Solutions

Dustin Maurice
Green Home Solutions
(860) 235-5371

How have you changed the way you are conducting business?

We have offered special services designed to help Realtors during this difficult time. We are offering Realtors a whole house disinfection of their listing prior to closing to keep people at the closing table. The approximate cost is $250-$450 about ½ of what we charge the general public. Realtors have been using this as a very effective tool in their buyer presentation.  
Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful?
Zoom, of course!

Have you created any new or special offers, products or programs?
The discount for our whole house disinfection services (Disinfection Level 1) is available exclusively for real estate transactions. Click here to watch the Facebook video of Green Home Solutions disinfecting the NHMR office. 

Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?

We are indoor Environmental experts with certificates, training and products well above and beyond your local cleaning company. We are one of only a few companies with the equipment and products that the EPA is recommending to use in the fight against COVID-19. We specialize in killing Mold, bacteria and viruses. We use EPA Certified products!! 

Joe DeLaurentis, Jr. Tiger Home Inspections

How have you changed the way you are conducting business?
At Tiger, we have incorporated the CTR and CDC Guidelines for safe interactions with others, and each of our inspectors has completed training from InterNACHI (Home Inspector Association) for Inspecting within the new COVID-19 Environment.  Some of our new protocols include: 

• Following CTR guidelines that only the principle buyer(s) and their agents should be present at the inspection

• Of course, our inspectors are wearing masksgloves and shoe covers• We request the buyer stay in a central location and we can report our findings periodically through the process or show them specific items.  

• Others are asking us to perform inspections alone, and we summarize outside the home or follow-up with a call to review the report findings. 
• Our inspectors are wiping components touched, their computers and tools throughout the process
From the Realtors to the clients and sellers, we have found everyone has been very helpful and accommodating in creating a safe inspection environment.
We also created this video about our new inspection procedures.

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful ?
Starting with the scheduling, our client service staff is asking qualifying questions and communicating safety parameters and options prior to inspection day. Additionally, we encourage all clients to sign agreements electronically and pay via our secured credit card system to reduce passing paper. Our Environmental team is equipped with Electronic Keypad access so that we don’t have to bother Realtors or Sellers to meet at a property during these challenging times.Lastly, our inspectors are licensed and therefore able to complete the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection without bringing in outside subcontractors which adds to the number of visitors to a seller’s home.

Have you created any new or special offers or programs?
We are offering ZOOM Seminars for Real Estate Offices and Organizations. Our most popular recently is COVID-19 Inspection Procedures; an effort to educate Realtors in these new procedures and options for communicating safe practices to buyers and sellers. Having information to comfort sellers when people are entering their home has proven valuable for the Realtor community.
The second that has been well received recently is Seller Preparation Inspections, valuable information for preparing inventory for a faster sale in the post-COVID market. Many successful Realtors are using this as a way to communicate and stay in touch with future or delayed listing clients.  

Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?
Thank you to CTR and the legislative members for fighting for Real Estate to be deemed “essential”. We feel very blessed to continue to work through these challenging times. If you or a buyer or seller client has a specific request, please discuss it with us prior to inspection day. And believe me, we have had some interesting requests. We are happy to accommodate so that everyone feels comfortable and safe through the process. 

Tish Assante, Atlantic Home Loans

Tish Assante

Atlantic Home Loans


Office: (203) 691-9788 x


How have you changed the way you are conducting business?
As a mortgage originator now working from home, it has not affected me too much, as in our line of work, this is manageable.
However, these days, guideline changes are happening quite often. I make sure I stay organized and have these updates at hand, to access quickly while on the phone with a potential buyer.
I am fortunate to have a home office so privacy has not been an issue. With other members of the family in the house, when the door to my office is closed “do not barge in” and “do not knock,” I do not want the borrower on the other end to think that their personal information is being heard by others. They are to use the same communication avenues as when I was going into the office i.e text or call my cell. I will respond as soon as possible.

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful ?
Our online application program called Simple is tremendously easy to work with, there is a co-pilot feature so when a customer cannot find documents or needs help in knowing what to do next , this feature allows us to access the application even while the customer is in it and we can trouble shoot/advise the customer. 
Another program is Zoom. I have a set up for a first time home buyer seminar in conjunction with a Realtor. This will be conducted much in the same way as any Zoom meetings with a Q&A at the end of the seminar.
Have you created any new or special offers or programs?
I have a closing cost coupon that I will be emailing/mailing in a few days to Realtors.
Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?
Although I am working from home, customers are treated in the same professional manner as before. Limited background noise, personal information taken behind closed doors and remains confidential. In terms of qualifications, borrowers are informed of the possibility of guideline changes therefore they should contact me again prior to making an offer on a home to confirm that nothing has changed in the pre-qualification numbers.

I am confident that things will get better. Faith and Fear cannot occupy the same space, therefore I vote for Faith…Faith that at the end of this, we will see a rainbow!

Scott Stoll, First World Mortgage

Scott Stoll
First World Mortgage
Cell: (860) 983-6998
eFax: (860) 785-3912
Apply Now:

How have you changed the way you are conducting business?
I’ve been using phone and video far more than ever before to keep regular correspondence going with buyers and real estate partners. It puts people at ease more when we involve the visual component of the interaction, as opposed to just a phone call.
Our online application is becoming the new norm these days as well. I’m old school, so even after 25 years I still take applications verbally, whether that’s in person or by phone. So, I’ve adopted a hybrid model for bringing on new clients. I just enjoy the interaction with the buyers!

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful?

Zoom has been a great tool to help me educate people, especially in the case of prospective homebuyers and new clients. It is intuitive to use and I can still engage, whether that’s individual touch-bases, “in-office meetings”, or education segments in the real estate boards this way! Staying connected is crucial, and tools like this are helping someone like me to do that as much as possible.
First World has amobile app, MyWorld, which provides our buyers and real estate agents real-time updates as we move their loans through the process. It also allows them to scan and upload documents right into the loan application, which borrowers appreciate!

Have you created any new or special offers or programs?We’ve seen a lot of other lenders shutting down certain products or channels, limiting the ways that they can help prospective buyers. Our company has been in business here in CT for almost 30 years. We’ve built our programs, products, and service to be able to withstand some pressure that comes with market volatility.So, our major “special offer” is, frankly, that we’re still offering all of our programs and products, funding and closing without delays, and so on. 
We also have our ListingPro program that offers exclusive discounts on listing photography, complimentary flyers and single-property websites.
Being an advisor about all the existing products and programs has been huge for our business partners and clients, too. It’s so vital to be up on changes and guidelines as things evolved. Home buyers greatly benefit from having that knowledge and being able to work with us through the process from pre-approval to closing and in between. 

Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?

I cannot stress enough the importance of pre-approvals!Not pre-qualification – pre-APPROVAL. Lenders need to perform a proper pre-approval by A) pulling credit, B) verifying pay stubs and employment status, C) verifying bank statements, and D) reviewing tax documents. This all should be happening before you, the agents, go out and show any properties to clients. I have always done this and will always continually for buyers and real estate partners. Everyone benefits from it in the end.

Schaefer Inspection Service

Schaefer Inspection Service

How have you changed the way you are conducting business?
Our entire office/marketing staff is working remotely. As a multi-inspector firm, we have the ability to rotate our inspectors to keep them as safe as possible. We are following extra safety/sanitary precautions before entering and exiting homes. We have updated our policies, including requesting clients not accompany the inspector in the home during the inspection.

We are getting all documents signed electronically and are providing the option for online payments. Since our clients are not able to be with the inspector like normal we are spending additional time after the inspection on the phone with them making sure they understand all of the items on their report.

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful?
Products like DocuSign have allowed us to get everything we need signed electronically before the inspection to limit any physical contact or contamination. Zoom is also a great resource to in contact with our employees and real estate community. It has given us the opportunity to host remote trainings/presentations for our Realtor community.

Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?
We are here as your resource, always. Please let us know if we can help you, your families, or your clients in anyway. Although these are difficult times we’re trying to stay positive and appreciate the extra time we have been able to spend with our families.

Jennifer Higham Photography

Jennifer Higham
Photography LLC
(203) 671-7487
How have you changed the way you are conducting business?
As I am taking photos of homes, I am trying as best I can to have very limited contact with home owner or even the agentGloves and mask is a must when I go in. I am wiping down door handles, switches and anything touched while I’m there.

Have any specific programs, products or apps been helpful?
Zoom and FaceTime have been great to keep connected.
Have you created any new or special offers or programs?
I am lucky in the fact that my service for virtual tours is a must for my agents right now. I have had agents call me just for the virtual tours even though they have already had photos done of the property.
Anything else you’d like NHMR Members to know?
I am still available for shoots. I would prefer vacant homes but will work with the homeowner and agent to do the shoot as safely as possible for everyone. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, NHMR events scheduled today through July are being held virtually. The NHMR office will be closed for walk-ins during this time. Please call 203-234-7700 or email us for assistance.

In the meantime, consider registering for NHMR's virtual events.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We wish for the health, safety and well-being for all our Members.