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JAQX Smart Security Plus

JAQX is Where the Smart Is
JAQX is a smart home automation system that will revolutionize how you enjoy and interact with your home.
 Not too long ago, the idea of controlling your home’s lighting, thermostat, security and appliances from almost anywhere was fantastical.
With JAQX, however, what seemed impossible yesterday, is entirely possible today.
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The Flying Locksmiths

The Flying Locksmiths of Connecticut proudly serves the southwest corner of Connecticut. We focus on the security requirements of businesses across our region, and we maintain the highest level of professionalism, quality, and reliability for our customers at all times. We meet each customer’s unique needs by providing a customized array of economical and high-tech security solutions.
Larry Backes was born and raised in the Midwest. He attended Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, and the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago obtaining degrees in business and mechanical engineering. He started his career as an entrepreneur, successfully launching and operating several businesses. After returning to school for a mechanical engineering degree, Larry went into the healthcare industry working on artificial blood products, Alzheimer’s disease, type II diabetes, obesity, and medical devices.

Larry is a natural problem solver and understands the needs of businesses. He leverages his engineering background to custom design complete solutions that meet his customers challenges.

Larry has been a resident of Connecticut since 2009. He is an active member of his church. He and his wife have three children and three grandchildren. Larry is passionate about sustainability. He sets the example by driving an electric vehicle, composts, recycles, and is vegetarian. In his spare time, he is a home brewer.

Wearsafe Labs

Wearsafe is an amazing new safety technology that works hand-in-hand with your phone. The Wearsafe App pairs with a Tag that you can wear anywhere: your pocket, your bag, on your keys — and if something goes wrong, you press it. Your selected friends are then sent an alert with three things: your real time location, streaming audio for context, and a group chat to coordinate a response. All while keeping your phone – your lifeline – out of sight.

The Wearsafe Tag is designed to be discreet, versatile, and easy to use. It’s the smartest, most effective personal safety technology in the world, and it will allow you and the people you care about to live more confidently every day.

Wearsafe Features

• Fast and Easy to activate – no need to fumble with a phone
• Sends Audio allowing network to hear what’s happening and send most appropriate help
• Sends updated location to responders once alert is sent
• The Wearsafe App becomes a Virtual Situation Room for responders to coordinate through a private group chat
• Critical medical information can be included in alert
• Call 911 directly from the app and share alert code with emergency responders
• Tag gives silent feedback when alert is sent and viewed
• 200 + foot range
• Multiple, unlimited networks
• Free for responders, $5 a month to send alerts